An innovative way to write scientific texts

FastFormat is a complete platform for producing academic documents that has been used by thousands of students and teachers in various educational institutions. Documents are automatically formatted in various standards, such as ABNT and national and international journals.

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More than 2,000,000
documents written

More than 1,500,000 of students and professors use in different institutions from many countries

Format your paper for more than 8,000
universities, journals and conferences

Edit your texts quickly with automatic formatting

A text editor should direct your effort, dedication and concentration to the writing, not the formatting.

  • Customizable models for different norms, including ABNT, APA, Vancouver, MLA, etc.
  • Dozens of specific models for universities, conferences and journals
  • Keep the focus entirely on text content
  • All formatting is done by the FastFormat editor
  • Formatting is done according to the template chosen
  • Even numbered sections, figures, tables, etc., is formatted automatically

Provide a good impression with your document quality

FastFormat was specially built with the finest editing technologies so that you can impress your professors and colleagues by the presentation quality of your documents.

Your documents will be formatted following the rules of the chosen model. You are assured that you are producing a high quality document.

Choose among many models for TCC, Monography, Dissertation, Thesis, Scientific article, Legal document, Book, Filing, and more...

Style and Grammar Checker

With our automatic proofread tools you can improve your text quality to a higher level

  • Identify and fix typos instantly
  • Check your grammar for concordance, punctuation and other issues
  • Get advices for writing style
  • Analyze the readability level of your paragraphs
  • Avoid using cliches and redundancies
  • All issues come with suggestions fo fixing

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Integrated Reference Manager

The insertion of references is done very simply and their formatting in the text will be made automatically.

  • Automatic formatting of references in different norms: ABNT, APA, Vancouver, Harvard, Chicago, etc.
  • Importing from Mendeley and main bibliographic databases
  • Free reference exporting to ABNT, APA, Vancouver, Harvard, Chicago, etc.
  • Indicative of required and optional fields
  • Seamless integration to the text

Revision tools to improve the quality of your texts

FastFormat provides a set of revision tools that facilitate improving your text's quality in many ways.

  • Insert text comments direct in the editor
  • Create revisions for a document. As many as you want.
  • Make annotations on the text for each revision
  • Use pre-configured annotation marks in your revisions
  • Sinalize when revisions are ready for your peers

Exclusive STEM tools

FastFormat was developed for any academic area. However, as people from the STEM field, we developed exclusive tools that ease the insertion of specific text elements such as formulas and code snippets.

  • Exclusive component for the insertion of source code
  • Source code formatting and highlighting
  • Easy-to-use formula editing component with LaTeX markup
  • Enormous catalog of formula samples ready-to-use
  • Export your documents to LaTeX at any time

Bibliography database

Search through thousands of references available in our searchable bibliography database, and copy them directly to your account.


Share documents with your colleagues and professors so they can edit and review as well.

Annotations and comments

Annotations can be inserted right into the text, making the revision process more dynamic.

Template substitution

Change the template of the document according to the location where you want to publish your work.

Change History

More security with the change history of the texts. You can safely undo any changes made.

Your documents in the cloud

Your documents and references stored in the cloud. You can access them from anywhere, at anytime.